This is the first time anyones ever shown any interest in commissioning me for more than literally thirty cents, so Im really excited about it, aha. xD 
They commissioned me for a flipnote loop animation, so Ill hopefully at least get that started tomorrow! :3

I was doodling for a couple hours tonight a little earlier too, since I was trying to distract myself since Ive felt really weird. .3.


Im pretty happy with how they all came out, even though theyre pretty much just colored sketches! :D I was gonna fill the canvas more than I did, but I think Im just gonna go to bed instead, ehhh. xD

I got all my other owed art done today too! :3 I had a few sketches to do as my half of a couple of art trades, and Ill probably upload those here tomorrow if I get the chance~ ^.^ Id do it tonight but ehhhh, I kinda just wanna go to bed at this point, whoops. xD
Anyway, I think I am actually just gonna go to bed, so I think Im gonna stop writing here for tonight! uvu

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and Ill try to get more written here then! owo

Good night guys! ewe