In the field of car modification, SKN both fanaticism and passion after 90 from Germany, but also show a reassuring calm and rational, with its "adapted from technology" concept, refresh the knowledge of many owners for modification.

1991 in Hameln, Germany officially founded SKN tuning, is a veritable "90." With the impression that many of the luxury car modification works, dazzling or violent different styles, SKN to cycling customized ECU upgrade and ECO fuel-efficient multi-stage conversion famous. At present, the business has been involved in performance modifications, power conversion, fuel conversion to athletics modification, almost done "is the car can change" level.

1986, the manager Ralf Nissel started manufacturing conventional engine, racing car modification and applies a series of fine-tuning technology, he realized ECU modification will become the next hot trend in the 1980s, launched the first large-scale study, the ECU upgrade applications that target expanded to cover cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, motorcycles, jet skis and other aspects, and even can be said that those who use the ECU computer-controlled machinery, SKN can be modified to upgrade.

It is through such a unique way of exploring, SKN now has more than 60 sets of specialized tools used for a variety of different models, different ECU data reading and writing, in addition to the hardware, as well as a complete set of supporting software support. In the automotive ECU respect, SKN could be converted earlier ECU computer, such as the Ferrari 348 used cars ECU.

Even with such a forward-looking, in the 1991 SKN company, its size is still somewhat shabby, a small pavilion, a few offices, can accommodate 6 engines work shop and warehouse, has become the company was a true portrayal of SKN .